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The Spirit of the Minutemen

Monday, July 17, 1775

The Culpeper Minutemen were an obscure band of patriot soldiers from the American Revolution, whose marksmanship helped push back British invaders. Their actions served as a tough lesson for the British about the nerve of an American soldier... they fought for freedom.

They first organized under a large oak tree on the Catalpa estate near Culpeper, Virginia. The minutemen are remembered for their famous company flag: a banner with a rattle snake in the center of the words: "Don't Tread on Me" and "Liberty or Death". Today they represent a call to revolution and freedom defeating tyranny, a fight we still fight today.

The Culpeper Minutemen disbanded in January 1776 under orders from the Committee of Safety, and dissolved into the military after having fought in several key battles and helping to turn the war to the patriots favor. In 1860, the Culpeper Minutemen re-formed under the same oak tree where the 1775 Minutemen had before them.

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